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The Past Comes to Light In a Drunk Kiss
"Cap'n we have a problem" Yassop said whispering to the red haired man. Said man looked at him "Really, what is it" He asked
"It seems that the little fainting spell she had gave her a bit of amnesia. She doesn't remember who she is". Yassop replied. The red haired man look at him for a moment.
"This does complicate things, doesn't it" He said. Yassop just nodded.
"You….you look somewhat familiar though" Annalicia said gaining the two men's attention.
"Do I now?" The red haired man asked sitting next to her. "What else do you remember before you fainted? We want to help you get your memories straight. Fainting does have this effect but it should only be temporary" He said patting her shoulder. Anna smiled back at him.
"Thank you, I guess. Last thing I remember is I was at school….talking to my friend Melissa and we were talking than I started recalling a memory that's were I draw
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Awakening On the High Seas:
“What’s all the fuss about hey kids” asked a man with long black hair pulled back in a low ponytail. “My friend…she blacked out.” Melissa replied watching the man carefully and taking in his appearance. “You don’t say” said a man with wild short blond hair. “The cap isn’t going to like that we might be a while” replied another man chewing on a piece of meat. “The name is Ben love, any idea how long it will take for the schools medic to see to your friend here. We are actually in a hurry. Orders to follow you know” The man now known as Ben stated. “No I don’t, and what does it have to do with you so called orders.” Melissa and then her eyes got big. “You three…you three were on the ship that we heard just anchored in this morning” Melissa said. Ben and his two friends just smirked. “Why yes, yes we were” he said “This here
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The Beginning:
“Never was there a tale of more woe, than this of Juliette and her Romeo” Read a girl with light blue hair and miss matched eyes. “Well read Mrs. Annalicia Taylor” Clapped Mr. O’Connell, the literacy teacher. She nodded kindly and took her seat just as the bell to end school for the day rang. “Homework for the weekend is to finish your essay of Romeo and Juliette.” Mr. O’Connell shouted, making some of the students groan. “get over it” said Anna with her famouse death glare, causing them to sweatdropp. “You really are a crowed pleaser Anna” said a female voice behind her. “Why thank you Melissa” Anna replied putting on a fake innocent smile that made Melissa laugh. “You innocent, ha” Melissa said and both girls laughed walking into Anna’s house. “Is that you Anna dear” asked her mother from the kitchen. “Yes mom, Melissa is here to. Is it ok is she stay
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Name: Annalicia Morgan
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Family: Apollo, Rops, her 3 year old daughter Isabell.
Appearance: 5 feet 11 inches tall, long light blue hair, mis matched eyes. One is yellow- gold and the other is blue- green, athletic figure.
Personality: Has a split personality. She is normally sarcastic, kind, smart, strong willed and a total tomboy with a keeps to herself kind of attitude but when that shift comes in she is devilishly dark, manipulative, relentlessly seductive, taunting and murderous. (AKA: Blackfire).
Talents: she has elite and super human military abilities (Think captain America), she is an accomplished musician and dancer and is an accomplished artist as well.
Likes: to sing, dance, all forms of the arts
Dislikes: people who see her as just another woman, people who like war and killing.
Crush: Apollo
Character History: Annalicia was abanded at birth and adopted by a militar
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Fireworks and a Kiss ~Wonrei Oneshot~
Fireworks and a Kiss:
“See you Monday at school” called Suzie as Crystal and her friend Kiyo along with Zatch were making their way home from school for the day. They all waved bye.
“So Crystal you have plans this weekend?”  Kiyo asked.
“I’m not sure, I might go the theme park. They have an entrance special this weekend” She said excitedly.
“Really, that’s cool. Hey maybe we can all go together, you, me, zatch, Inaru, Megumi, and Tia?” Kiyo said.
“Yay a theme park, I like theme parks” Zatch said. Kiyo and Crystal laughed.
~At Home~
“Castillo, is there any messages” Crystal asked her loyal friend and butler.
“No, not today mistress” Castillo said handing her a plate with her favorite snack on it.
“I am going to meet Kiyo and the others tomorrow at the theme park” She said happily, while taking a bite of her snack.
“That’s a wonderful idea lady crysta
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Hidden World pt 8: The Wolves and The Hawk
    The smell of something cooking and the absence of Zoro's warmth is what woke you the next morning. You rolled over on the ground, feeling the stiffness in your neck already. You frowned, rubbing your neck as you sat up. This was one thing you hated most about sleeping under the stars. You always woke up sore and stiff the next morning. You stretched and yawned while searching for the source of the smell. You found Zoro crouched down next to the campfire cooking what looked like more rabbit. You smiled softly, you'd have to ask him to teach you how to hunt one day. Zoro glanced over, hearing you moving around. He gave you half smile, which you returned with a sleepy smile of your own. " Morning" you said thru a yawn. " Morning, sleep well?" he asked standing to bring you some of the cooked rabbit. You nodded accepting the food and chowing down without hesitation. He chuckled at your nonchalance before taking a seat next to you and digging in as well. " We should
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Gone Supernova pt12~ Cuddles

*Speculator art by Mah-Blackberreh ! Find the lovely artist on reddit, tumblr, and facebook! Enjoy this new part!*
         You held her in one arm, flying out of the way of another glob of slime. The only thing that worked on blobbish besides extreme heat or cold. “Where’s a pyro elementee when you need one?” You sigh swiftly retreating with the princess. “Don’t worry, my friends will take you away from here.” You give her a smile.
         “Th-Thank you.” She manages running with you back to the ship. You jump on with her, surprising the others.
         “We gotta go!” You tell them swiftly.
         “Alright! Lets go!” Luffy chimes, not questioning you at all. The others hesitate but the ship soon bursts away from the station. The princess holds onto you in surprise.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 31 2
Antagonist pt4~ Jacqueline

* Dusk, Ian, and Nai are :iconluffythaking: 's ocs! If you wish to know more about these amazing characters check their profile! *
        “Yeah, there’s a gang in there.” Ian hums joining your side after he and his twin brother return from surveying the building.  “An old hospital layout too, kinda spooky.” He smiles. “It’s probably haunted with the souls of the damned.”
        “Can we find another building?” Ceric whispers to you, cowering slightly.  
        “It’ll be safe C, don’t be scared.” You smile.
        “Just don’t wander off or you might get your soul stolen.” Ian tells him smiling sweetly. The little trickster would terrorize your gang if most of them were as gullible as Ceric.
         “I’ll go introduce myse
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 25 6
Spring Will Come (Ace x Reader)
You knew the universe was taunting you when, even months later, you were still finding clothes he had left behind. A virtual mountain of laundry was beginning to pile up in your living room, but you could not bear to throw it away. Not when that stupid Hawaiian shirt reminded you of your first date at the fair—awkward and sweetly innocent. Or the shorts he wore on your trip to the beach, when he fell asleep on the sand and ended up looking like a lobster for the following month.
They still smelled like him—burnt matches and cinnamon and that terrible cologne you had bought him for your first Christmas together that he insisted on wearing anyway. You could close your eyes and inhale and it was almost as if he was right there in front of you—fresh out of the shower smelling like his coconut shampoo. It all melted away once you opened them again, the spring morning sun illuminating the dust mites in the air as you tossed yet another shirt on t
:iconvizkopa:Vizkopa 16 7
Something More pt3~ Get Along

         “Wow…” Kid mutters.
         “What?” You inquire raising an eyebrow at him.
         “You’re really fit.” He says. “For someone who works at an old amusement park.”
         “I work out… After Law got us kidnapped two years ago I had to get stronger so he didn’t have to come save us.” You shrug.
         “That explains…. Hm… Two years ago… I remember that, he was doing recon and panicked when he found out.” He chuckles, “He almost had us swarm the whole place to save you two.” He informs you. You blink in surprise.
        “What? The ice cube lost his cool?” You smirk. He chuckles at that and someone clears their throat, making you both look over at Law.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 28 7
Trust pt4~ The Hunt

     The hunt seemed to be going well, you stalked them for hours. A smirk ghosts your lips again as the King to be takes down another deer. He was surprisingly accurate with his bow. You would’ve relaxed with him but there was a bad air about his companions.  Killer sensed it too from what you could tell, looking over his shoulder often.
      Your frown returns and you ready your bow, aiming the arrow at Kid. Now was a perfect time to attack as he went to collect his third prize. There’s movement and you pivot your bow, releasing an arrow. It pierces another arrow on its course toward Kid. They all tense at that and Kid looks to the knight that had aimed at him.
       Killer moves to dispatch the knight and you nudge Nox into a gallop as the other knights move to attack Kid. Nox leaps over one of the horses, knocking off their rider as you jump off to clash swords with one of Kid&
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 52 12
Starting from death - Law x Reader (Pt. 48)
NOTE: This story may contain spoilers. You've been warned!

The feeling of your warmth leaving his back and the shifting of the bed as you stood, woke Law. He rolled on the mattress sleepily, looking for your form in the semi-darkness of the room.
Feeling his stare, you momentarily leaned to him. "I'm just going to the bathroom." You whispered.
Law relaxed again, letting his weight fully rest on the bed as you left the room. Yellowish light softly bathed the bedroom before you closed the bathroom's door, leaving him in the darkness again. A smile flashed on his lips as he realized that, when you got out, you would go back to laying down next to him and snuggle him.
It was late at night and today had been your last full day at the beach. You were leaving the next day at midday, which meant you just had two days left before having to voice your decision. Law's patience was intact, but he was growing nervous.
This last day had been perfect, his favorite without a doubt. It had been
:icontocglitch:tocglitch 22 11
Together pt12~ Wolf's Feast
     “Football…” Shanks echoes looking between you and Lucci. You both give a nod with straight faces. “Angel, please don’t play such dangerous things! You could get hurt!” He gasps hugging and cuddling you teary eyed. You and Lucci share a glance.
         “I’ll be going then.” The Chimera tells you.
         “Be careful heading home.” You say after him. He simply waves as he leaves. With that you pull away from Shanks to help with repairs.
         “You’ve had an odd day,” Law hums to you.
        “It was definitely something.” You agree with a nod. “How was your day?”
        “Like any day without you…. Boring,” He shrugs. You stop and blush before smiling and pushing him away playfully.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 36 9
Blast pt19 ~ Dungeon 2 Complete
        You stretch, leaning up on your tiptoes. “Good run… Great run.” You praise yourself before walking back toward the buildings. Your first morning training went great. And the air here was so refreshing.  
         “Training before a dungeon? How dedicated.” You look over as the large silver wolf walks beside you.
         “Smoker? Good morning.” You greet with a smile.
         “Good morning.” He rumbles, amber eyes flickering to you. You lean on him thoughtfully. “Ready for today’s dungeon?” He inquires.
         “Yes,” You smile thoughtfully petting his fur. “I love shapeshifters… Fur's always so soft…” You smile petting his ears. He stops and changes back, turning to you.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 30 5
Not A Vacation pt6~ The Forest

        You couldn’t help but smile as you watched the sun rise over the trees. “Its so pretty!” You gush. Kid blinks and looks at you.
        “I’m glad you’re still having fun,” He rumbles thoughtfully.
         “You have to admit, this is pretty exciting!” You hug his arm happily. He blinks and smiles looking ahead.
        “Youre something else…” He comments.
        “Yeah, I could be an alien! Roar!” You nip his shoulder playfully. He chuckles at that, trying to pull away squeaking the toy and making you giggle. “Oh no! My weakness!” You almost fall over but he swiftly brings you into his chest. You pause and meet his gaze.
       “Careful.” He rumbles. You blink and smile hugging him close. “You okay?”
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 39 8
Goal pt3~ Step Up

      “Come on ____!” Luffy cheers, bouncing ahead excitedly. You quicken your pace, looking around the alien port. This planet was much like earth, if you replace the green with pink and blue with purple that is. It was rather pretty to be honest.
       “This is beautiful…” You mutter.
       “I liked Earth better.” The team’s goalie- Zoro comments. You look at the green haired alien, his ears were pointed and his skin had glittery green stripes here and there. He was so damn cute actually.
       “Heh I guess it depends on perspective.” You hum. “Wow… Is that the stadium?” You gasp in awe, looking at the flamboyant, pink stadium.
        “Welcome to Pinkus Stadium.” Kid puts a hand on your head.
        “Gonna be playing here….
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 32 4
Champion pt4 ~ Adjusting
           He jerks you behind himself roughly, gripping the hilt of his sword as he watches the screen warily as the murderer comes into view. You sweat drop, watching him glare at the t.v warily. “Kid. He’s not real.” You assure him calmly.
          “He looks real…” He mutters.
          “He’s not.” You repeat, moving back beside him.
          “Alright… It’s weird to watch though. How do they make them so tiny?” He tilts his head.
         “I can do that too.” You smile, grabbing your phone and bringing up the video. You scoot over to him and lean up to him. “See the screen? That’s us.” You hum, pressing record. Kid looks at the screen curiously.
       “So, its like a mirror?
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 48 11
Trust pt3~ Relax

            You frown at the door, cursing Killer again. “___.... Let me guess, another chamber maid?” The head guard says approaching. You turn your head to give him a glare.
          “Im not getting paid enough to wait around while he screws around literally.” You growl. He pauses as you smirk. “I know, for every chamber maid I must wait on, you owe me two more coins.” You watch him with a smirk as even his helmet starts to sweat.
           “I can stand guard here, you did look her over right?” He asks.
           “Yeah, you don’t have to worry about her yet. She’s in love with the prince…” You sigh, “When she finally realizes that he doesn’t give a damn about her… Well, I believe the saying is, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 57 10
I'll Be Your Glass Of Wine (MihawkxReader)
You sat calmly on your bed, in a (F/C) tank-top and black shorts. Reading a book while sipping on a glass of wine. Perona was quiet today, normally she would be pestering you or Mihawk, and being he has been gone for a week, her pestering to you had only intensified. So far Perona hasn’t made an appearance almost all day, you were almost worried, and her quietness only meant she was up to no good. Reason being, she was the only one other than Zoro, who knew about your crush on the Golden-eyed Swordsman.
After another hour, you had just finished sipping on the wine, and set the empty glass on the bed-side table, when you heard an all too familiar laugh. You look up from your book to see the childish woman smirk at you before disappearing through the wall. You raise an eyebrow, and few minutes went by before you heard the familiar sounds of boots on the marble floors, and a knock sounded on your door. You snap your book closed and laid it in your lap with a small smile. “Come
:iconshadowshredder:ShadowShredder 159 8
Super pt13

       So warm and nice, you hug the warmth to yourself, smiling happily. You felt great right now, how odd. Anyway, why did this warmth have heartbeat? Wait… Your eyes ease open and you pull your head back sleepily, looking at his back. Were…. Were you spooning Eustass Kid? Feeling a blush creep to your cheeks, you pull away carefully as to avoid waking the little spoon.
      Glancing at the alarm clock you pale and swiftly get out of bed, going to your room to wake your brother. “Sunny time to go to…” He wasn’t there, but your phone was on the pillow. You raise an eyebrow and check your phone, finding a picture text from Law. You open it and blush more, apparently Law caught the spooning.
        ‘Sunny didn’t want to wake you two so he called me to take him to school. Really cute by the way, you make a cute couple X’D I knew you were a cu
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 48 10
And the Winners are.....
Hello everyone! Hope you guys all had a good weekend. Well, it’s the 13th, so time to pick winners for my 100 watcher raffle. Thank you all for participating!
1st place is……#8 :iconladyblackfire21: You get a request from me! Message me with whatever idea you have ^^
2nd place is……#1 :iconJanalaa: You get a request from :iconLuffyThaKing: Message them with your idea when you get a chance!
Again, thank you all for participating! I look forward to doing more in the future! Have a great week everyone!
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